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Wing Eyecare - Beechmont
8315 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45255

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Wing Eyecare - Beechmont

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Hours of Operation:

Monday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Payment Plans: Medicaid NOT Accepted
Contact Lens Fittings
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Designer Brand Eyewear
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Serving your family's total eye care needs. Wing Eyecare delivers the best comprehensive family eyecare available to the residents of the Ohio Valley. Our offices offer comprehensive eye exams, quality, fashionable eyewear and the latest in contact lens technology. At Wing Eyecare, we strive to provide our patients with quality, professional vision care at an affordable price while keeping abreast of the newest technologies available in service and products.

It began back in 1914 when Dr. Philip A. Wing opened a small private optometry practice in Price Hill, an area located on the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio. He gradually built a loyal patient following over the years and in 1948 was joined by his son, Dr. Marvin J. Wing. The father and son team continued to practice together until Philip A. Wing retired. Marvin Wing continued to build the practice and was later joined by his son, Dr. Philip M. Wing in 1976. Father and son practiced together until Marvin Wing's retirement in 1992.

Dr. Philip M. Wing, now a third generation Optometrist, had a vision for what his family practice could become and what it would need to be in order to serve the people of Cincinnati in the tradition of excellent family eyecare that his father and grandfather had established. Due to the overwhelming success of the Price Hill office, Dr. Wing decided to add a branch office in the Northgate/Groesbeck area of Cincinnati on Colerain Avenue. In 1990, Dr. Thomas Nagy joined with Dr. Wing to practice in this new office. The opening of the branch office was met with great success and continues to flourish. 8 additional offices have since been opened in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Every business, regardless of market or industry, claims to be "different" or "better" than the competition. With this in mind, why should you believe us when we say we are unique? Why should you accept our claims of superior service and value as the truth? Allow us to explain...
Our Facilities

Each of our 10 offices is equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive eye examinations available to over 35,000 patients each year. Wing Lab, our state-of-the-art centralized laboratory facility and frame distribution center, produces over 20,000 pairs of custom-made eyeglasses annually. We also fit more patients with contact lenses than any other practice in Greater Cincinnati. It is this kind of volume that provides us with the unique purchasing power and ability to offer prices that are comparable to (and in many cases lower than) national retail chains.

Wing Eyecare was built on a foundation of a successful, single office family practice. The same friendly, professional service that Dr. Wing established years ago is practiced in our offices today. Our commitment to patient service is a reflection of our history, our philosophy, and our mission.
Our Doctors

Optometrists working with national optical retailers are typically independent contractors who examine patients and, in some cases, sell contact lenses. The retail operation, which sells eyeglasses, is a separate entity and is operated by retail managers. In contrast, our doctors are not separate but assume the leadership role as "practice managers".

In contrast, Wing Eyecare believes the leadership of its doctors within their offices is one of our strongest assets. Instead of having retail managers who are primarily concerned with sales goals, our eyecare professionals are primarily concerned with patient care, so our patients receive the very best in complete vision care services
Our Staff

Each office is staffed with licensed optical professionals. Unlike national retailers, our office managers are not exclusively focused on administration of daily operations. They also serve as professionally licensed opticians with significant experience in the field of eyecare.

Our opticians are similarly qualified and experienced. They work with each patient individually to provide assistance in choosing the best eyewear options. Our opticians take special care to ensure that patients are satisfied with their glasses and contact lenses and that their prescriptions are filled accurately.

Front desk technicians act as the communication center within the offices. They are trained to assist patients with general inquiries and to schedule appointments with the doctor and for contact lens fittings. They also gather information regarding insurance coverageso that our central insurance group can submit insurance claims for our patients.
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy was shaped by the tradition of excellence in eyecare that began with a small family practice in 1914 and was continued for three generations. Our locations are "offices" not "stores". Every individual that enters our office is a "patient" rather than simply a "customer".

We value our patients. A practice cannot grow from 2 to 10 successful offices in less than 17 years without the benefit of patient loyalty. As expressed in our mission statement, "We are dedicated to the total eye care needs of our patients and to providing the maximum quality of care to each and every patient. Every decision we make and every action we take will be directed toward this goal" - that is the Wing Eyecare difference!


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