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Albert Sidney Cytryn

Bethesda, MD





Albert Sidney Cytryn
6420 Rockledge Dr Ste 4300
Bethesda, MD 20817

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Albert Sidney Cytryn



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Fred says:
This is one doctor I would stay far away from. My wife recently had eyelid cyst removal surgery performed by Dr. Cytryn and is very dissatisfied with the inaccurate information provided about the procedure. Told that this was a simple 15 minute procedure (it was not) and that she could drive home herself (she could not see out of her eye and driving was out of the questions), and return to work the following day (not possible considering the recovery regimen) - all of these statements proved to be the farthest thing from the truth. Dr. Cytryn (not an overly communicative person unless asking him about plastic surgery - apparently where his greatest revenue is earned) did not return post operative phone calls and was nonplussed when confronted with his obvious incorrect information and poor expectation setting, on the follow up visit. No sensitivity or compassion at all. Stay far away from this practitioner. We will be reporting him to the appropriate Maryland State administrative office for physicians' licensing.